Mikros Technologies - Microchannel Liquid-Cooling
Mikros Technologies is a pioneer in the field of liquid cooling solutions with patented microchannel cold plates providing high heat dissipation for high performance computing, renewable energy, electric vehicle, laser, LED markets and more.
For More Details: https://www.mikrostechnologies.com

Microchannel Liquid-Cooling Over 1kW/cm2

Mikros' patented Normal FlowT microchannels provide industry-leading low thermal resistance and pressure drop, giving designers a greater thermal budget to improve the performance, packaging, and reliability of high heat flux systems. Mikros micro channel cold plates push the limits for cooling high power electronics. Mikros cold plates offer:
  • Ultra low thermal resistance - down to 0.02 C-cm/W
  • High heat flux capability - 1000 W/cm and beyond
  • Custom designs to meet performance and space requirements
  • Components fabricated and tested in-house under ISO standards

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