MMR delivers the state-of-the-art in technology and proven system solutions for solid state characterization...

For over three decades, MMR Technologies has been the professional’s resource for modular, flexible, cost-effective benchtop systems and components.

Inventor of the micro-miniature refrigerator, MMR supplies the leading-edge tools for variable-temperature solid-state characterization — for your materials research, biological and medical research and more.

And only MMR allows you to build your system modularly. Perhaps just starting with a chamber, then adding temperature control. Or Hall or Seebeck measurements. MMR makes it easy — and dependable. MMR has supplied these instruments worldwide in universities, research laboratories and industrial applications for solid-state characterization, materials research, biological and medical research.

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Custom Temperature Control

MMR provides a selection of micro miniature refrigerator systems for specialized studies using scanning electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes and X-ray diffractometer systems. MMR's  SEM cold stage  is designed to mount on the sample stage of a scanning electron microscope. Samples can be studied at any temperature over the operating range of the refrigerator. MMR's  AFM cold stages  facilitate temperature-correlated studies using atomic force microscopes, to understand how sample characteristics and morphology vary with temperature.

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