MMR delivers the state-of-the-art in technology and proven system solutions for solid state characterization...

For over three decades, MMR Technologies has been the professional’s resource for modular, flexible, cost-effective benchtop systems and components.

Inventor of the micro-miniature refrigerator, MMR supplies the leading-edge tools for variable-temperature solid-state characterization — for your materials research, biological and medical research and more.

And only MMR allows you to build your system modularly. Perhaps just starting with a chamber, then adding temperature control. Or Hall or Seebeck measurements. MMR makes it easy — and dependable. MMR has supplied these instruments worldwide in universities, research laboratories and industrial applications for solid-state characterization, materials research, biological and medical research.

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Variable Temperature Micro Probe System

MMR's Variable Temperature Micro Probe Systems, VTMP, (or Low Temperature Micro Probe Systems, LTMP) allow the user to probe devices mounted on the cold stage of a micro refrigerator. Each manipulator allows the corresponding probe to be positioned anywhere on a 10 mm x 12 mm sample to a precision of 50 microns .

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