We builds advanced research tools for a network of scientific laboratories. TST is led by world experts in solid-state physics and device engineering with a focus on compound semiconductors, with state-of-the-art technology and proven system solutions for solid state characterization.

TST offers Hall Effect measurement systems, Seebeck coefficient, conductivity measurements and variable temperature vacuum systems that have a high level of measurement accuracy. These systems are modular, flexible, and cost effective solutions with developed software packages that make materials research exciting and easy. Using research-grade systems offered by TST, scientists, research scholars and professors advance their research work and get publication ready in an efficient way. Advanced research Institutes and globally renowned universities have been using TST scientific systems and rely on our upgrade kits for existing systems.

In addition, TST offers quality and precise measurements, in-depth data analysis, and consulting in materials and device characterization. If you experience difficulties in understanding your materials, need help with measurements, or simply need an advanced expert's guidance, you may connect with TST's pool of scientists. TST scientists and engineers offer our customers exceptional expertise and knowledge accumulated over many years of research in the field of solid state characterization.

Qualified and well trained engineers from VITH in collaboration with TST scientists offer sales of TST scientific systems, support on installation, assistance in resolving technical issues, and guide researchers on their new projects in materials science and device engineering. Please contact VITH directly with any questions related to TST's system's technical specifications, systems capabilities, materials measurements and TST's system purchases.

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